About Elwynn

Elwynn the Witch

Hello there!

I am Elwynn and I am a generational hedgewitch from England. I do Bone Casting, Tarot Readings, Spiritual Consultations, Spellwork, Custom Sigils, and carry other eclectic witchcraft items in my shop, The Antlered Crown.

I was born with the gift of Clairvoyance and have the ability to see the different threads or paths in your Life, as well as Ancestors, Deities, and Spirit Guides.

I gave up on life, tired of feeling different for who and what I am. Until I met my beautiful wife, then moved to a new country, and started a new beginning. I reconnected to who I am, started listening to those who are in-between. I became a father to 3 miraculous, strong-willed, girls.

And now I want to pass on my guidance and gift to you. You have a magnificent and strong inner light. It is time to show it.

Many blessings my friends!