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There is more to this life than what we see with our eyes. Spirit is all around us. Expect to hear about all things Spiritual; from meditation to tarot, from hypnosis to the paranormal, from guides to pixies. And BEER, lots of different beer. For those questioning their spirituality, beginning witches, and established practitioners, come for a drink and a chat with a few giggle gaggles in between. Have a laugh with The Antlered Crown. On all major platforms. YouTube version is available to Patrons on Patreon, the Aftershow is available to Patrons on Patreon.

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Patreon offers a platform for us to connect with you! You can join our Soul Family discussions on Discord, take part in our group Zoom meetings, or have one-on-one Zoom meetings with Elwynn. All for quite a bit less than the traditional Spiritual Counsel meeting ($150 per 30min session). Each tier offers additional benefits including merchandise, podcast input, podcast YouTube videos, and the After Show.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hedgewitch?

A hedgewitch is a solitary practitioner in the old methods of magick often referred to as folk magick. Knowledge of herbs, the natural world, and how they may interact with the ethereal world around them is essential. The hedge is an ancient boundary that can be thousands of years old and is representative of a symbolic barrier between worlds. It is also a place where many different medicinal and magickal herbs reside. The job of the hedgewitch is to be able to “hedge-fly” (to astral travel) to other realms in order to find information and guidance for those who seek it. To exist with a foot in both worlds and live in the balance of an immortal spirit within a mortal body and to expand the possibilities of both aspects to their full potential.

Are readings done live?

If you would like a Live session please go to the Book Appointment screen, for Intuitive Psychic Reading or Spiritual Counsel Meetings. All other readings will be pre-recorded and delivered as an Unlisted YouTube video.

How long until my reading is delivered?

Your reading will be emailed within 1-4 business days to the email included during check out.

What if I just want a general reading?

No problem! Please just type ‘general’ in the description box during check out.

What is an Unlisted YouTube video?

Unlisted YouTube videos are not searchable. The link will be available only to you and whomever you choose to share it with.

What is a Spiritual Consultation?

A Spiritual Consultation is an opportunity to discuss issues that may be holding you back or to learn more about your Spirit Guides.

What is a Bone Reading?

A Bone Reading is done with collected charms and items that each contain meaning to the Reader. Bone Readings are best for a general overview.

What are Ogham Staves?

Ogham Staves and Ogham Readings are a method of divination from ancient Celtic times. Each Ogham contains a letter which corresponds to a tree or wood which is associated with various meanings. An Ogham Reading is best for clarity on your most present issues.

What is a Medium Connection Reading?

Medium Connection Readings are to connect with your loved ones who have passed on or to make a connection with your ancestral Spirits.

What can I expect from my Tarot Reading?

Tarot Readings are best when you have a specific question or want more clarity on a certain situation. While they can be used for general readings, you’ll find that the more information you include, the better the reading will be tailored to you.