Gentle Hearts Unite: Mother Shipton Article

The year is 1488 and England is under the rule of Henry VII. A furious thunderstorm (so legend has it) is sweeping through the north of England. It is during this, in a cave on the banks of the river Nidd in Knaresborough+ Yorkshire, a teenage girl gives birth to a baby. Many agree the child was severely deformed; accusations of having relations with the Devil waged against the new mother. The child was named Ursula. It is said that the mother, Agatha, would raise Ursula in that cave for two years. Far from the judgement of the local populace. A family would eventually take this child in and send her mother to a nunnery far away. Separating Ursula from Agatha, never to see each other again. (click to read more)

Gentle Hearts Unite: The Conscious Forest

From the beginning of our time, in all cultures, trees have maintained their spiritual significance. Regarded as silent sentinels, trees have called this planet home long before we walked it. The tree in many forms represents a gnosis within our subconscious. For example, the term “as above, so below” is one that has associations with the tree. Limber branches reaching for nourishment from the celestial above and gnarled roots drawing the grounding energies of the Earth. Now, in the present age, the concept of “tree worship” is one that brings to mind pagan conceptions, either through vibrational healing or esoteric entities. (click to read more)