Deity Guidance Reading

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Deity Guidance and Identification to assist you in connecting with a deity who has been trying to reach out with you, identifying signs or feelings associated with them, and any messages they wish to convey.

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Deity Guidance to assist you in connecting with a deity who has been trying to reach out with you, identifying signs or feelings associated with them, and any messages they wish to convey.

For a deeper and more personal reading, include specifics regarding any messages you may have already received.

Upon purchasing this reading you will be asked to include your date of birth and the email address which you would like the video reading to be delivered to. Please note, your unlisted YouTube video will be uploaded and you will receive the link to the video at the email you provide. Readings are completed by Elwynn. Please allow 3-7 business days from the date ordered for your video reading to be delivered.

Legal Disclaimer: If you are seeking medical advice please confer with your physician. Readings are treated with the utmost discretion, your confidentiality is a priority. By law, communications, information, or consultation provided by us is for entertainment purposes only. None of our readings are intended to substitute any professional services including but not limited to: medical, legal, financial, business and/or psychological.


Are these readings done live?

No, these readings will be prerecorded and then a link to your unlisted YouTube video will be emailed to you! However, Live Readings through Zoom are now available via Square Appointments!

9 reviews for Deity Guidance Reading

  1. kate

    Elwynn helped me figure out which deities were reaching out and what their message was for me. He also helped me understand the signs I’ve been receiving, as well as guidance on what I can do to connect with the deities. Amazing reading!! Thank you!

  2. Naly Ramírez millan

    He helped me know what deity wants to work with me and what type of offerings to make if i choose to work with them. i loved and appreciated the reading!

  3. Jolie

    Elwynn gave a reading that was compassionate, informative and beautifully clarifying. It spoke truth to the signs I’ve been receiving, addressed my fears about stepping into my deity work with kindness, and helped further confirm my path, as well as how best to reach out to my deities. Exactly what I was hoping for and overall SO comforting and calming!

  4. Amy

    Elwyn always hits the mark – I’ve never come across someone with such clarity and accuracy. More importantly (yes, more important than the accuracy) he nails the theme and journey you are following and gives you the tips you need as well as the education – something seldom done by other practitioners.

  5. Brandi Cooper

    Elwynn’s reading was remarkably spot-on and affirming. He picked right up on the signs that keep popping up for me and has given me valuable guidance and clarity. His delivery is delightfully warm, comforting and detailed.

  6. Laura Herron

    Elwynn’s reading was so thorough and detailed, I couldn’t help but be impressed. He was able to answer my questions and even give guidance on some matters I hadn’t openly expressed yet. The candid yet comforting delivery of even hard truths helped reinforce how genuine the experience was. Exactly what I needed, and I will forever be grateful for it!

  7. Sol

    I am so immeasurably grateful for this reading. Elwynn’s candidness and open nature made me feel so seen. It was like sitting down with an old friend to gain some insight. So very spot on and I am looking forward to using the insight I gained into bettering myself and my craft. Thank you again !

  8. Michelle

    This was a wonderful experience. Elwynn was spot on about me and so knowledgeable. I have a new perspective on a lot of things that i have been told my entire life, or believed, that Elwynn explained in a way that finally made sense. You know that moment, when all the pieces start to come together? That is what I got from this reading and I am very grateful for Elwynn sharing his knowledge. Thank you!

  9. Lisa H.

    Elwynn handled my concerns with grace and much needed humor. He gave me confirmation to continue to do things as I have been not the way society has been telling me to. I learned to stop doubting myself when those intrusive thoughts come through. He provided the knowledge to help guide the way and connect with the deity that is around me and understand they are there even when I’m not aware. If you are new to have any kind of reading, please work with Elwynn, you will not be disappointed. Thank you again!

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