Fertility & Fire Box for Brigid


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All items are handmade except for the iron keys and yellow candle.

Brigid is celebrated at Imbolc which translates to “in the belly” and notes the first signs of Spring. The goddess Brigid is the exalted one. She is associated with wisdom, poetry, healing, protection, blacksmithing and domesticated animals.

This box includes:

Horse Hair Travel Besom: to cleanse smaller spaces wherever you travel.

A Brigid’s Cross: to protect a house and drive evil, fire, and hunger away. It can also bring peace and goodwill, and safeguards animals.

Brigid’s Bracelet: includes 18 blood sandalwood beads to represent and assist with protection and 6 carnelian beads for confidence.

Traditional Corn Dolly: Place upon your altar to bring fertility to your practice and life then burn on Imbolc to return the magic back into the Earth.

Iron Key: a deterrent for Spirits.

Yellow Candle: to burn on Imbolc for fertility and happiness.

Brigid’s Cross Wood Ornament: to protect the home in a more permanent way. Hang over hearth or in the kitchen.

Russian Sage bundle: to cleanse and purify the home.

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