July Witch Box: Passions Ignite

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Monthly box containing various items for witchcraft and on going pagan practices.

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The July Witch Box will be in the full swing of summer – when life is blooming and it is the time for mating for most creatures. This box will be focused on the summer season and sex magic, passion, or creativity. The summer months are one of the best times to begin new projects, romances, or finding inspiration.

**Photo does not include all items that will be going into the box**

All spells and supplies have been carefully curated by Elwynn.

Upon purchasing this box you will be asked to include your physical address and email for which you would like the tracking number to be sent to. Please note, once shipped we no longer have control of processing times. Please allow 1-3 business days from the date ordered for your box to be shipped.

1 review for July Witch Box: Passions Ignite

  1. Charlie Corum

    These witch boxes are absolutely amazing! Each one is so incredible and so lovingly curated. It is very evident that a great deal of time and care is put into each and every box. The value of the boxes FAR exceeds the simple monetary cost. You are doing yourself a disservice by not purchasing any of the available boxes!

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