Spring Equinox – Ostara Witchbox


Witchbox containing various items for witchcraft and on going pagan practices.

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The Spring Equinox Witchbox is about renewal and rebirth in the coming season.

Includes carved candle with dragonsblood ink with a symbol for the goddess Ostara, the wooden rune is Berkano or the Birch Goddess for birth, plant life, healing, and sanctuary, a Riverside Grace Candle – Nysian Meadow for rebirth and clarity, a hand braided necklace with walnut beads and a Hare charm for resilience and fertility, Roasted Dandelion Root Tea for comfort, 2 purple hyacinth bulbs to plant and grow, a British Crow feather for guidance, Pemba for protection/birthing something new, Black Salt for cleansing/protection, and a selenite egg for peace, calm, and better well-being.

All spells and supplies have been carefully curated by Elwynn.

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