Past Life Reading

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Past Life Reading to remind you of a life already lived before.

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Past Life Reading to remind you of a life already lived before. Including descriptions of who you were and the time period, what lessons you might have needed to learn, and what still remains from that life in your present day.

Upon purchasing this reading you will be asked to include your date of birth and the email address which you would like the video reading to be delivered to. Please note, your unlisted YouTube video will be uploaded and you will receive the link to the video at the email you provide. Readings are completed by Elwynn. Please allow 3-7 business days from the date ordered for your video reading to be delivered.

Legal Disclaimer: If you are seeking medical advice please confer with your physician. Readings are treated with the utmost discretion, your confidentiality is a priority. By law, communications, information, or consultation provided by us is for entertainment purposes only. None of our readings are intended to substitute any professional services including but not limited to: medical, legal, financial, business and/or psychological.


Are these readings done live?

No, these readings will be prerecorded and then a link to your unlisted YouTube video will be emailed to you! However, Live Readings through Zoom are now available via Square Appointments!

5 reviews for Past Life Reading

  1. Jordan Clark

    Ive gotten readings from Elwynn for a while now, from tiktoks and now this private reading. I know I can trust him and that I won’t be told nonsense but what I need to hear from what comes through. Even if that involves a past life falling flat on their ass from being drunk (like one of mine), you will hear it.

    For the past life reading, I had 3 pop up. I asked for things to be channelled that would be relevant for me in this life and I definitely recognised the themes that came up. Even so far as having a huge emphasis on freedom and independence my whole life relating back to some of the lives that came through.

    If you’re on the edge of whether or not to get a reading, whether its this particular one or another type, do it! He is absolutely lovely and will use his intuition along with whatever comes through to deliver the message. I’ve never had a reading i was unsatisfied with.

  2. Amanda

    I was absolutely blown away by the in-depth reading that Elwynn did. I had asked for anything to help with self-discovery or recurring themes in this lifetime and I had 3 come forward. They were so very enlightening and healing to recognize some of the patterns I have now and how they have recurred through this life and past ones. Elwynn was so descriptive, thorough and is an unbelievably talented reader and witch. Thank you for the care and compassion you put into your craft and for sharing your magick with us!

  3. Matilda

    This was not my first reading from Elwynn, and I have to reiterate how at ease his presence places me (even via video). As a person who is naturally distrustful, Elwynn is very respectful of my boundaries and I will always be grateful for his kindness and wisdom.

    I don’t have a great pull towards past lives personally, but mentions of them were repeatedly being thrown my way and curiosity got the better of me. This reading was wonderfully in-depth and everything he said felt real and true, there was no grandeur and the descriptions were brutally honest. I could feel, see, and smell everything he was experiencing, and the lives he discovered echoed cycles I see in even in this life. I recommend for this reading for everyone – both for those interested in past lives, and for those looking for clarification on the self/spirit.

    Thank you, Elwynn!

  4. mistyanunn

    I really liked my past life reading. I could definitely see connections between my life now and some of the lives from before.

  5. Devilblues

    Wise and gifted beyond wor[l]ds, Elwynn’s eloquence is astounding!

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