Spirit Guide Reading

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Spirit Guide Reading to assist you in learning more about yourself and your guides.

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Spirit Guide Reading is to assist you in connecting with your main doorkeeper Guide, learning who they are, a description of them, and any messages they wish to convey.

For a deeper and more personal reading, include specifics regarding your current life situation or items you may want clarity on.

Upon purchasing this reading you will be asked to include your date of birth and the email address which you would like the video reading to be delivered to. Please note, your unlisted YouTube video will be uploaded and you will receive the link to the video at the email you provide. Readings are completed by Elwynn. Please allow 3-7 business days from the date ordered for your video reading to be delivered.

Legal Disclaimer: If you are seeking medical advice please confer with your physician. Readings are treated with the utmost discretion, your confidentiality is a priority. By law, communications, information, or consultation provided by us is for entertainment purposes only. None of our readings are intended to substitute any professional services including but not limited to: medical, legal, financial, business and/or psychological.


Are these readings done live?

No, these readings will be prerecorded and then a link to your unlisted YouTube video will be emailed to you! However, Live Readings through Zoom are now available via Square Appointments!

10 reviews for Spirit Guide Reading

  1. Naly Ramírez millan

    He helped me learn who my spirit guides are. it was incredible learning their names and what they look like. If you are questioning whether or not to purchase it, do it you won’t regret it.

  2. Morgan

    Elwynn had the ability to bring my words to life and address my concerns with compassion and wisdom. I felt seen and heard. He gave me some guidance for my spirit guide where I had none before. This reading has given me the ability to have a jumping off point to explore further on my own. I still have so many questions, but I now have a baseline of validation to provide light while I peer into the darkness.

  3. Amanda Shepard

    Elwynn gave a very in depth and insightful reading! He was able to contact my guide and since we were together in a past life there was a bit of past life reading as well! He gave me helpful info on getting in touch my guide myself. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to contact their guide!

  4. Carlie V

    Learning about my guide has been a powerful experience for me. Elwynn was able to describe my guide and determine how my guide knows me. He also gave me helpful advice on how to connect with my guide, which has been invaluable. If you are considering this type of reading, I recommend it

  5. Lexi w

    This reading was life changing. Suddenly, I have been opened up beyond my depression and psychosis. Beyond that of which has held me back and shoved my face in the mud. I feel a world of compassion flooding towards myself. An unfamiliar feeling. My doorkeeper, my brother, from the beginning of my existence. I can feel his celebration. I am not kidding, if you are struggling with thinking your are crazy or going through a very dark time. PLEASE GET THIS READING. I never in a million years imagined I would be able to feel so much healing from a reading. Elwynn changed my life, he shifted my entire system of belief. He shifted me into my true spiritual awakening. The moment I watched this reading I sprung up to grab my journal, in which I haven’t done in a long time. One thing id like to in my words, quote Elwynn during my reading is… To truly make the madness, doom and gloom end, one must learn to nourish, to love, and to feed their soul. You must understand!! YOU HAVE TO love and gently hug every precious part of your spirit. Even the ugliest bits… Especially the ugliest bits. Understand the ethereal beauty and growing that is within experiencing pain. For that of which will open up the duality of our human existence. Depression makes you grow, whether you suffer for a long time or a short time. Even when it feels like you’ve been in hole forever. Think about what it has taught you. For $40 dude created an earthquake of movement in the right direction. For that of which, I am so grateful I can’t even put into words. Thank you so much for giving me my life back.

  6. Michelle M.

    Elwynn went above and beyond to describe my guides to me, leaving no details behind. This reading is worth it – I will take this to further connect to my guides.
    A lot of what has been said (which might seem like minor things), gave me answers to questions I wouldn’t dare thinking about too much.
    Thank you so much Elwynn!
    PS: You have such a pleasant voice/pleasant way of talking!

  7. Olivia

    If you’re pondering whether or not to do this reading, do it. In a very real way, this was and continues to be the more I work with what information was given to me, life altering. Elwynn was kind and patient, answering my questions and beyond. Providing guidance that I so desperately needed. So much fear and pain has, and continues to, leave my life, and for the first time I do not feel alone or the need to be afraid. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I feel I can finally start opening up to the world and to myself, my true self.

  8. Robin Price

    This reading was just fabulous. Elwynn was very detailed in the way he revealed my guide..down to the clothes he was wearing. I was amazed who it is and am so blessed to have him and his dog on this journey with me. Thank you Elwynn

  9. Emma Fitz

    I highly recommend this reading from Elwynn, it proved to be incredibly insightful and helpful. Elwynn described my spirit guide in great detail, his name and his physique described and his character given.
    Advice was given how best to connect to my guide and I have been using this as a springboard to get more acquainted with my guide and to start learning all he might teach. Also I loved the time Elwynn took to really give insight, he really does go over and beyond.
    I highly recommend you book this reading for an indepth look at your spirit guide.

  10. 32MackAttack78

    Elwynn never disappoints! His readings always offer great insight and guidance. He’s blunt and straight to the point…he’ll tell you what you need to hear without sugar coating things. He’s been reading for me the past three years and he’s the only one I trust to read for me. Over the years he’s become a good friend of mine and I consider him and his family an extended part of my family. Very thankful for his help over the years. Just get the reading…you won’t regret it! 💜

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